New School & Group Order Gallery

Welcome to our new gallery, where you can view and order a greater range of photos direct with us online.

We have listened to your feedback, and have transitioned from our traditional envelope order process. We hope this saves you time, and our new digital platform makes ordering easier. We welcome your feedback, as we aim to please.

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Rangiora HiS Ball 2024
Ashburton College 2024
Sumner JAB RUGBY 2024
College House Ball 2024
Rolleston College 2024
Kidsfirst Burnham
TKKM o Te Whanau Tahi
Rangi Ruru Feb 24
Portrait Jan 24
West Melton School 2023
Rangi Leavers Ball Dec 23
Halswell School 2023
St Marks 23
Te Matauru 23
Marian Leavers 23
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Instructions for Ordering

After you click on the gallery above that you'd like to order from, type your own email where it says 'Your Email Address'. You will receive an order confirmation, and all other communication from us, via email.

Under 'Password', type in the log in details provided by your school. Please take care to note that all capitals are correct.

In the interest of privacy, these details will not be given out by us via email, phone or text.

Once in the photo gallery, you can narrow the selection of photos seen, by searching within each class set from the menu on the left. Please refer to other sections such as Cultural / Sports, to ensure you do not miss viewing other possible photos (where these may have been taken).

We suggest viewing your gallery using a strong internet connection, and giving the page a moment to fully load. Phone, tablets etc may not be ideal if not on strong wifi.

All orders are now taken with credit or debit card payment only. We do not have the ability to accept cash or cheques anymore. But we have added Afterpay to our school ordering, to provide greater flexibility for families. Pricing on the whole has also decreased slightly which is a bonus! Please note, as an Afterpay Term of Use, Afterpay is not available for any order that includes digital files.

You will discover in the shopping cart, there is a whole new range of framing options now provided. These are top quality professional products, as you would expect from any professional custom framing studio. These are not 'cheap and cheerful' short life items, but quality products designed to provide cherished artwork in your home for many years.

Another new option is the ability to purchase and download digital files for individual and sibling photos. (These are not available for class, team and group layouts). We know many families now like to share photos digitally, often with absent family out of town, or prefer an electronic keepsake in a digital age. Please order digital files carefully, especially as these are not able to be refunded onced purchased. Digital files do not come with prints, and are supplied as 3600px JPEGs. Sometimes the email link can be mistaken for spam / junk, and will appear from Queensberry (my lab here). This download must be activated within 30 days.

Some families may note that we previously offered a popular 5x7.5in size print. This has now changed slightly to 5x7in. Sadly these are no longer supplied in black card mounts.

Black and white printing has been affected, and is no longer an automatic option. If you would like black and white prints, please contact us, and we can arrange this on request.

All orders received by the due date will be printed in bulk, and delivered back to your school within 2 weeks of the due date. There is a $1+gst handling fee per order added at to your shopping cart.

Orders received after the due date will still be able to be processed while the gallery remains visible. (Galleries will remain visible for a minimum of 3 months, after which they may be removed at anytime without notice). Orders after the published due date at school, will have postal charges added. These photos will be delivered to you direct - you'll be asked for postal details as part of the shopping cart process.

The © watermark will not appear in final photos, or digital purchases.

Print size dimensions remain somewhat resistant to metric change. Apologies, as it would seem framing and photography size standards have simpler numbers in inches. (I know, I know... we are some years post-Imperial!).


Keyring 1.75x2.5in = 4.5 x 6.25cm                                 Wallet 2.5x3.5in = 6.25 x 9cm

3x2in = 7.5 x 5cm                   5x3.5in = 12.75 x 9cm             6x4in = 10.25 x 15.25cm

5x7in = 12.75 x 17.75cm          8x10in = 20.25 x 25.5cm          11x14in = 28 x 35.5cm

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your printed photos, we will refund your payment.  Guaranteed.


Prices are inclusive of GST, and are subject to change.

Copyright of all images remains with the Photoshots Ltd.  All rights are reserved.

'Photoshots', 'Tony Stewart' & 'Your Present for the Future' are all registered trademarks,

and remain the original & exclusive trading names / phrases for related photographic services in NZ.

Photoshots is proud to use NZIPP / AIPA Standard Terms and Conditions. These can be viewed at:




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